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Time: 3 Hours
Medium: English
ONLINE Computer Based Test (CBT)

Total Questions: 60
Maximum Marks : 100

Section Type of Question Total Questions Marks Allotted Correct Choices Negative
1 Mark 2 Mark
A Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) 30 10 X 1=10 20 X 2=40 Only one choice correct One Third: 1/3
Total Marks Sec. A: 50
B Multiple Select Questions (MSQ) 10 10 X 2=20 One or more than one choice(s) may be correct No Negative & Partial Marking
Total Marks Sec. B: 20
C Numerical Answer Type (NAT) 20 10 X 1=10 10 X 2=20 No choices shown
Answer is a real number, to be entered using the virtual numeric keypad on the monitor.
No Negative Marking
Total Marks Sec. C: 30

NOTE: Exam Scheme is same for all the seven test papers namely: Biological Sciences (BL), Biotechnology (BT), Chemistry (CY), Geology (GG), Mathematics (MA), Mathematical Statistics (MS), Physics (PH).

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